Vivint Home Security Review

Vivint Home Security Review

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Vivint home security systems is shaking up the industry by combining the classic 24/7 monitoring service and professional installation with innovative smart home integrations. If you’re shopping around for a home security system that has the potential to work with all your major smart home automations, then you’ll want to dive into this Vivint home security review. 

Overall Rating: 4.8

*The rating is determined by the editorial team and takes into account the benefits and drawbacks of the system including accessibility, plans, pricing, fees and contracts. The editorial team is concerned with providing as transparent of a review as possible with the consumer in mind.

Vivint home security systems are best for those who want a professionally installed and monitored security system that’s equipped with advanced, but user friendly, smart home integrations. Vivint is not ideal for those who have no interest in home automation, technology integrations, or those on a tight budget since this is a costly monitoring service. 


Vivint Pros

  • Free installation 
  • Advanced smart home integrations
  • Accessible app in every plan  
  • Custom security systems for your home 
  • Contract not required 


Vivint Cons

  • Costly video monitoring service 
  • No online purchasing options, you must get a quote
  • Professional installation required 
  • Moving fee to relocate your system 


As a note, if you do not pay for Vivint’s packages, but have paid for the equipment (or completed the financing plan), you could have your own DIY self-monitoring system. That said, for the purposes of this review we are focusing on the complete professionally installed home security packages by Vivint and their monthly monitoring service.

Vivint is a professional home security system and you are required to contact an agent to get started with the process. The system must be professionally installed, so be prepared to have technicians in your home. That said, each system is able to be completely customized to your home and security needs in addition to integrating with devices like Google Home and Alexa. Plus the installation is free and the technician will help you understand how to use everything to keep your home safe. 


The constant innovations with Vivint make this a high-end security solution for the smart home enthusiast. Let’s look at the equipment options below.

Vivint produces all home security equipment in house, which makes it stand out from competitors like ADT who use third party equipment. This also makes it possible for Vivint to be cutting edge when it comes to features and tech integrations. 


Here is a list of options for equipment you can add to your plan, depending on your home: 

  • Door sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) sensors
  • Water sensors


In addition to these basic security items, Vivint shines in the video surveillance department with a variety of camera options that have features like night vision, person detection, package direction, two way conversations and more. You can choose to purchase: 

  • Indoor cameras 
  • Outdoor cameras 
  • Doorbell cameras 


Lastly, you may choose to buy their car guard monitoring device that is attached to your vehicle. This can alert you to all kinds of stats about your car, and keep your teenager in line (if that’s the sort of thing you need!) 


Vivint will customize the equipment items needed for your home, so there is no need to purchase all the equipment on this list (unless you want to!). That said, Vivint recommends every customer start with door and window sensors, a doorbell camera, and a smart lock. 


Vivint equipment panel uses Z-wave for the smart home automations. This is a common frequency used by smart home systems, which means that you can often integrate third party apps and features with Vivint. Be sure to discuss this with your Vivint representative to check if the smart home integrations you would like are possible. 


Of course you will have access to the Vivint app no matter the plan you choose, which will make monitoring and managing your system one finger tap away.

Vivint offers 24/7 monitoring and quick access to highly trained professionals who can assist you or call emergency dispatch if needed. The main Vivint panel is equipped with an emergency button. When pressed you will be immediately connected with a live agent. 


If your alarm is otherwise triggered, in the case of fire, an intruder etc. Vivint will contact you and contact emergency services. If they can’t reach you they will still go ahead and contact emergency services. 


You also have complete monitoring capabilities for Vivint devices through the app. If you have installed cameras you can look at the live footage from wherever you may be during the day- providing an extra layer of home protection.

Similar to competitors like ADT, there are three general plans: 

  • Smart Security Plan which includes: 
    • Mobile app access
    • Basic features like door sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors and the sky panel to control them

There are no smart home automations with this plan. 


$29.99 per month + equipment cost 


  • Smart Home Plan which includes:
    • Mobile app access
    • Basic features like door sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors and the sky panel to control them
    • Thermostat monitoring 
    • Automatic smart lock 
    • Garage door controller

This plan does offer the smart home automations, but no video components. 


$39.99 per month + equipment cost and additions


  • Smart Home Video Plan  which includes:
    • Mobile app access
    • Basic features like door sensors, motion sensors, smoke detectors and the sky panel to control them
    • Thermostat monitoring 
    • Automatic smart lock 
    • Garage door controller
    • Plus additional cameras of your choosing 


$49.99 per month + equipment cost and additions


*The rates listed in this section may not reflect the current rates or special offers for your initial sign up. Vivint requires you to call or fill out a form in order to get a specific quote. 


Also of note, you can pay for the equipment upfront or you can finance it, but we will get into this below when we discuss


On the Vivint site they boast a $0 installation charge which is a major plus. However, you will pay an installation fee for the CarGuard device. If you need cloud storage to keep your video footage you will likely also pay a small fee for this. 


Vivint home security does charge a moving fee to relocate and reinstall your equipment. The fee is reported to be between $129-$150 according to customers. 


Small fees can add up, so be sure to review your terms very carefully before you sign anything.


Vivint is a rarity in the professional security system world because they do not require a contract. You have the option of paying month to month only if you purchase your equipment upfront. 


If you choose a financing plan, then you will enter into a contract. The contracts can go up to 5 years, which is a major commitment. So if you can foot the bill for the equipment, which will be hefty, you can live that contract free life.

Vivint has a coveted second spot in the JD Power 2020 Home Security Satisfaction StudySM professionally installed systems with a score of 847. They sit just under At&T Digital Life with a score of 878. The study measures customer satisfaction with home security systems based billing and payment, customer service, price,professional monitoring, purchase and installation, and quality of home security system.


Not only this, but they have almost 5 stars on Consumer Affairs and nearly 4 stars on Trustpilot. Below is a sample of a 5 star review left on Trustpilot by a satisfied customer which sheds light on the new practices Vivint is trying to take up when it comes to customer services: 


“…They walked me through everything and they were not pushy about anything. They truly let me customize my equipment and didn’t make me feel bad for not wanting something. They answered all of my questions and even made me laugh. The call was on a Monday and he had people scheduled to come out on that Wednesday…” – Maria Washington. 


Our recommendation is that you take the time to understand your: 

  • Total monthly package cost 
  • Your equipment cost and if you will pay upfront or finance it 
  • Your contract specifications
  • Any additional costs

Go over this with the representative and the installation technician before you sign anything so you don’t blow your budget on a surveillance fortress you don’t need.

Below are answered to common questions about Vivint home security. 

Can you negotiate with vivint?

You can negotiate with Vivint since they do provide a quote, however your equipment costs do make up a bulk of your costs initially and these are generally non-negotiable prices. 

Is Vivint better than ADT?

Both are professional security services, and while ADT has extensive experience in the industry they do not carry all the integration options that Vivint offers.


Does Vivint run a credit check?

Yes, if you choose the financing option for your equipment costs they will run a credit check.  

Can Vivint see my cameras? 

Yes, the monitoring service allows the responders to see what your cameras can see in the case of an alert of emergency. This is part of what you are paying for with professional monitoring. It can be helpful in the case of an intruder or emergency as Vivint can then take action.

If you’re looking for innovative home security and smart home automation with a professional system then Vivint might be your best fit. However, if you want a standard system to arm and disarm without any need for tech integrations, then you could probably find a more affordable plan elsewhere. It’s also important to note that because the system is completely customizable, your cost can vary significantly, so it makes sense to get a quote and compare your options before you decide to move forward.

Founded in 2002, Vivint is a smart home technology provider that offers home security and safety, home automation and energy management solutions. Their systems are fully customizable, feature 24/7 professional monitoring, and can all be controlled remotely via mobile app. Vivint is headquartered in Provost, Utah.